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Happier Journal :3 OC meme

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May. 9th, 2008 | 10:09 pm
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Did a survey on my  OCs <3 It's like an interview type thing but I wrote it out so it would actually be interesting to people who don't know about my characters (ie. everyone other than my sister). Haha. I'm gonna leave some notes on the characters so some of the stuff makes sense. 

1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Then tag three people.

Characters Chosen:
a. Brian Pollock (Mao Xianliang) - Most complex character. Usually acts like a total dick. Especially to women (very sexist). Is very skinny and border-line anorexic (Only eats if he really needs to). Has many other mental problems. Had a very screwed up childhood. Is the CEO and chairman of a Car manufacturing company and is a billionaire. Also certified genius with extremely high IQ.
b. Evan Bartel -  Usually acts like as wise-ass except during serious situations. An extreme military junkie since he was a little boy. He's a ginger (haha). Mostly openly gay which caused problems because he was in the military.  Once he got out of service, he realized he was great in leadership and got a job at the company (At 22). Promoted to President of the company 8 years later after older president died.
c. Penelope Rothenburg - Not much about her. The company secretary. Good friends with Evan. Like a sister.

Picture here PLZ.
Quick drawing that I vomited out on my paper (Just to show you what they look like) xD Most successfully I've ever drawn Penelope. Otherwise. It looks like crap.

Brief comments about story: Huge thing about the story, Brian and Evan are in a relationship (But its bad cuz that Co-worker crap and blah blah. also considering they're both guys it would create a huge scandal because its a huge industry). But they fight ALOT. Also, the other part of the story has to do with the government sabotaging the company's cars causing a whole bunch of crashes, suing them and sending them into bankruptcy (Haha, I guess business class has helped me?). Has to do with economy dropping because oil not selling and blah blah blah. On with the meme thing.

1) How old are you?:
Brian: Twenty-eight...
Penelope: Are you serious? I thought you were forty. Well, anyways, I'm twenty-six.
Evan: Well, he wouldn't look so old if he didn't smoke. Eh, I'm thirty. I'm old.

2) Height?:
Brian: I'm about 5' 8.3"
Evan: Damn, thats really tall considering you're Jap...
Brian: Its Chinese! And I'm only half Chinese you jackass!
Penelope: Just answer the question Evan!
Evan: Whatever... Anyways, I'm about two inches taller than whatever that was.
Penelope: Thank you. I'd say I'm about 5' 5"

3) You got any bad habits?:
Brian: Not that I know of...
Evan: Oh right. So I'm guessing smoking and anorexia don't count as bad habits. Those aren't the only ones either!
Brian: I'm not anorexic! I just don't eat as much as most people!
Penelope: Will you guys stop fighting?!

4) You a virgin?:
Brian: Well, yeah.
Evan: Hahaha. Naw. What do you expect? I'm thirty.
Penelope: ... yeah... I was the only girl in high school not whoring myself out to everyone!
Brian: Not like anyone would want to touch you.
Penelope: What?!

5) Who's your mate/spouse?:
Brian: I don't have enough time for anyone.
Evan: Oh please, you're just saying that because you don't want everyone to know you're gay!
Penelope: OH MY GOD! Will you guys stop acting like kids?!

6) Have any kids?:
Penelope: Oh my gosh! I want a little baby that I can cuddle and raise all for my own and blablahblahblah...
Brian: Hey, I'm supposed to answer first! I have the authority to fire you!
Evan: Ugh, I don't mind talking to little kids and playing with them but I would murder someone if I had to raise one.
Brian: ... Actually, I kinda like little kids...
Penelope: Blahblahblah... Wait... What did you say?

7) Favorite food?:
Brian: I don't really care for food...
Evan: *cough*anorexic*cough*
Penelope: I love lobster.

8) Favorite ice cream flavor?:
Evan: You might not want to hear my answer because the only thing coming to my mind is innuendo.
Penelope: Mmm... Vanilla.
Evan: Damn it Penelope! I told you I was thinking innuendo! Oh God, you've just scarred my mind!

9) Killed anyone?:
Evan: Well, there was when I was in the Marines and then there was that one ...
Brian: ...
Penelope: Whats with you guys?
Brian: It wasn't me! It was all Evan!
Evan: It was out of self defense I swear!
Penelope: ... I'm just going to stay out of this...

11) Any secrets?:
Evan: Naw, I'm pretty open. Though sometimes during the night time I...
Brian: No one wants to hear what you do at night!
Penelope: Oh God...

12) Love anyone?:
Brian: ...
Evan: ...
Penelope: You know... Last time I regretted asking so I'm just going to stay back this time.

13) TACOS?:
Brian: What the hell?
Evan: Ummm... Yes please?
Penelope: Last time I ate Mexican food, I got diah...
Evan: Penelope! Thats gross.

14) Every slept in all day?:
Brian: Unlike Evan, I actually get up early so I can get to work on time after eating breakfast, taking a shower, brushing my teeth, etc.
Evan: And what time do you get up? Three AM? Considering you shower for 2 hours every morning and brush your teeth for five minutes. You know, sometimes its not good to be overly hygenic...
Penelope: Holy crap. Two hour showers? And how do you know this?
Brian: Screw off bitch.
Penelope: ... E-e-Evan! D-d-d-did you hear what he just called me?!
Evan: Huh, what?

15) Favorite show?:
Brian: I usually don't watch much television but I enjoy watching engineering specials and documentaries.
Evan: So I'm guessing the seventy-two inch flat screen is just to show off how much money you have?
Penelope: Hey, if you don't like TV, I could take it off your hands.

16) Eye color?:
Brian: Brown eyes. The average.
Evan: Hey Brian, I'm surprised you can actually see what color your eyes are since they're squinted all the time. Ha, anyways, I have green eyes. Really rare you know? Pretty cool.
Brian: Damn it! I'm getting sick of your smart ass Chinese jokes.
Penelope: Why is it that all I did was answer first and you threaten to fire me but then he acts like a dick to you and you don't threaten him at all?!
Brian: I thought I told you to screw off!

17) Skin?:
Brian: I'm glad to say that I inherited my mother's traits in skin color so Evan won't make some other dumb ass comment.
Evan: What? I'm just joking. Eh, my skins actually pretty dark considering I'm a red head.
Penelope: Ha ha, I'm as white as snow. Wait, thats your natural hair color?

18) Fat/Average/Slim?:
Brian: I'd say I'm about average.
Evan: Average? No, I'm average. You're so skinny that sticks look at you and say "Damn!".
Penelope: You know double-breasted suits usually make people look big. But those went out seventy years....
Brian: Are you calling me fat?
Evan: Stop Penelope! He's going to start making himself throw up now!
Brian: I'm going to kick your...
Penelope: Hey, you shouldn't be joking around about eating disorders!
Evan: Oh, I am not joking. Have you see what he looks like with his jacket off?
Brian: *punches Evan*

19) Rain, sunshine?:
Evan: Sun is cool.
Brian: I would have to say...
Evan: Oh, I know! Rain. Emo people love rain, right?
Brian: I'm not emo!
Penelope: You know, I'm not going to try to stop you guys anymore. Go ahead. Kill eachother.

20) Pool, beach?:
Brian: Neither. I don't like to take off my jacket.
Evan: You know, I can imagine you swimming in just trunks and a jacket.
Penelope: Ewwww!
Brian: You sick pervert.
Evan: What?

21) Camping, staying home?:
Evan: Brian wouldn't be able to survive in the wilderness. Me on the other hand, I went through three months of boot camp plus four years of NJROTC in high school and two years of service in the military!
Penelope: NJROTC... Is that like some sort of fraternity?
Brian: I could... I just would rather stay home.

25) Believe in aliens?:
Brian: You have to be some kind of idiot to believe in aliens.
Evan: I believe in aliens.
Penelope: Yeah, I do too.

26) Natrual born, or clone?:
Penelope: I am a clone!
Brian: Pfft, of a cow and a mole rat.
Penelope: Excuse me?!
Evan: Ha, I think Brian is a clone of Jackie Chan.
Brian: *punches Evan again*

27) Car or ship?:
Brian: Cars are easier and faster to make.
Penelope: Cars? After all the problems going with those hyrbrids, I think I'll go with ships.
Evan: Um... I don't think you should've said that...

28) Ever destroyed something out of blind rage?:
Evan: Oh my God ! I think you killed Penelope!
Brian: Next question?

30) How much food/drink do you need a day?:
Brian: Don't you say another anorexia or bulimia joke or I will kick your ass.
Evan: ... What about bulimorexic?

31) Favorite place?:
Brian: My house.
Evan: Brian's house.
Brian: ...
Evan: What? You've got cool stuff.
Brian: ...
Evan: Fine then, your mom's house.
Brian: Thats it. I'm leaving. See you later assholes!
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