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Requesting a picture/Art trades

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Oct. 14th, 2007 | 04:26 pm
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Since I love drawing so much, I'm letting people take requests and art trades (Though I've never done an art trade yet, it would be really cool). When doing a request, I'll only do it if it seems pretty easy and looks interesting. OCs usually don't make me interested unless they're older guys (Cuz thats what I enjoy drawing the most XD). For art trades, you can ask for OCs, and I'll probably ask you to draw one of mine. I probably have over thirty and most of them are easy to draw :D
So anyways, some rules:
1. I can draw romance: het, shonen-ai, & shoujo-ai.
2. No pedophelia, shouta, anthromorphic or hardcore yaoi/yuri/hentai/etc.
3. I will draw soft-core and middle-core (Haha, term I made up with my friends. Ask if you don't really get what it means.)
4. I'm horrible at drawing animals.
5. I have trouble drawing fighting.
6. Please be polite when asking.

And for samples of how my drawings look. (Requests and art trades won't be watermarked. These are just samples) (Also, they're just samples. Thats why they're so small)

Sample pic 1: Looks kinda weird because its done on tablet. Don't usually use tablet.
Sample pic 2:
Sample pic 3:

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